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         My name is Kyle Worsfold. I have been screenprinting for almost 15 years.  After working as on offset (newspaper) printer for 6 years, and a one-year stint at another screenprinter within that time, I decided it was time to open my own business.  I started D.I.M. Graphics late in 2006.

         D.I.M. stands for Did it Myself.  Although not entirely true, I have had a good bit of help from friends and family.  I never took out a loan to start my business. I saved every penny and bought or built all my equipment, and taught myself how to print over those ten years.  I occasionally employ a few helpers when things are busy, and sometimes use an outside artist for complicated designs, but for the most part it's mainly just me, for now. 


Where are you located?
In Haverhill, Iowa.  I work from my home, and  have a shop here.  I almost had a shop on Main Street in Marshalltown, but the deal fell through.  It was a blessing in disguise, however.  Having a storefront would've meant two electric bills, two phone bills, two rents, etc.  All costs which would have been passed on to customers.  If you want to discuss my services or products, I'll come to YOU.  I carry the most popular styles, colors and sizes with me, along with sample designs.  Just give me a call.

What is the minimum order?
There is none.  However, a set-up fee of $10 for the first screen, and $5 per additional screens applies to orders under 2 dozen.

How long will my order take?
About a week and a half once you've approved the artwork.  3-day rush is available for an additional 50% of the order total. 

What can be printed?
T-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, golf shirts, hats, bags, windbreakers, jeans-just about anything but leather. (I probably could print leather, but you'd be better off getting it airbrushed.)

Do you offer embroidery?
Sorry, not yet.
Can I get garments that are made in America?
Yes.  They cost more because the people who make them are paid a decent wage.

Can you print just one shirt?
Yes. It can get expensive, but the least expensive option would be one dark color ink on a light shirt in one location with artwork you've already had done through me. This one shirt would cost $6 plus $10 set-up before tax.

Can you print performance/moisture wicking garments?
Yes. Here's what you should know about them: they are usually nothing more than 100% polyester garments. The same polyester no one wanted to wear 3 years ago. They are usually sized much smaller are well.

Do I supply the shirts?
No. All prices mentioned here include the garment and printing.

Can I supply the shirts?
Yes, but a lot of the time the cheap shirts you may find are factory seconds and are very low quality. I purchase directly from the mills where the shirts are made. Additionally, when you figure in set-ups and costs it's usually the same cost as getting the shirts through me.

Rules and pricing  for customer supplied garments:
  • The set-up fee of $10 for the first screen, $5 for each additional screen applies no matter the quantity.
  • $1 for the first print in any location, 50 cents for each additional color in that location. Flash counts as 1 color. (a "flash" may be required for dark shirts or multiple colors)
  • "Performance" "moisture wicking" "Dri-Fit" or any other 100% Polyester garments are $2 for the first print per location. This includes numbers and 'name drops'.
  • Set-up fee for numbers is $10 regardless of the number of other print locations. Set-up for 'name drops' is $10 as well.
  • It is the customer's responsibility to remove all hangers, tags, stickers etc. from the garment before you give them to me.
  • D.I.M. Graphics cannot be held responsible for any misprints of customer supplied garments, since I cannot replace them.
  • D.I.M. Graphics may refuse to print on a customer supplied garment upon inspection.


Besides fast turn-around and low prices, I strive for unique and custom artwork.  No templates or clip-art catalogs to look through.  I want your garment to stand out, so your idea or logo gets your message across.

No vinyl iron-on numbers on team uniforms.  My names and numbers are screenprinted so they don't fall off, stick to themselves in the dryer, or create a "sweat patch" on your back that doesn't allow the fabric the breathe.

Along those same lines, I try to make the prints comfortable.  They may not be quite as bright, but you have probably seen, or may even own a garment with a "bulletproof" print with cracked ink that feels like someone slapped a giant sticker on your chest.  No one will wear your walking billboard if it's uncomfortable.

Don't forget about service.  I can come to your home or office to discuss your order if you prefer, and deliver your order locally.